Yoni Eggs


Physical Benefits


Pelvic Floor Health

Assists with incontinence

Increases lubrication

Builds sensitivity

Helps improve Libido

Can be used to prepare for childbirth and to heal post childbirth

Helps to prevent and improve prolapse

Balances hormones by increasing blood flow to the Yoni

Increases orgasmic pleasure for yourself and your partner



Spiritual Benefits


Healing properties of the chosen crystal are absorbed

Builds connection with your Yoni

Helps one work through any trauma/stagnant energy held in the womb space

Increases bodies life force energy or Chi

Brings grounding and centeredness

Promotes self-love & connection to the divine feminine





Most women start with a medium sized egg

A Set of 3 lets you work up and down in size

The smaller the egg the more it works with building sensitivity

The larger the egg the more in works with the physical muscle

All eggs work on the same energetic level for healing





Physical Benefits

Increase in self-pleasure

Can use internally and externally

Healthier to use than plastic sex toys

Increases sensitivity rather than decreases it, which is what you find with vibrating sex toys



Spiritual Benefits

Increase in self-love

Healing vibrations

Connects one with their Yoni & pleasure

Can help to release stored trauma

Shifts any blockages being held in the womb space





Designed for added G-spot pleasure

Can be used for cervical work

Gets into all the nooks and crannies



Classic dildo shape

Can be used internally on pressure points to release muscle tightness

Can be used for cervical work if long enough



Ribbed for her pleasure

Can be used internally on pressure points to release muscle tightness




Large Wands

Beautifully weighted, if you like living large this size is for you


Slim Wands

Not too wide but long enough for orgasmic pleasure, cervical work and healing


Under 17cm

Great for internal massage of pressure points, petite and non-invasive

For any other questions regarding our products please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can contact us here

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