January Astrological Report

January 1, 2019

The Sun has shifted back to Capricorn and the silly season is coming to an end. What a year
2018 has been. Since March 2018, there has been at least one planet in retrograde, peaking
with eight planets in retrograde at once around August. This has been a year of internal
development, with not all of our external and worldly goals coming to fruition. This is not
something to be down on ourselves about, as the internal work from 2018 has challenged us
to make us stronger and prepared us for the forward motion of 2019, that is yet to come.
From suffering comes growth and to really be able to achieve all of the things we want to in
the coming year, the growth was necessary to make it count.


On the 1st of January 2019, we are welcomed into the new year with a grand water trine.
Water trines are times of spiritual connection, sensitivity and creation. Venus conjunct the
Moon in Scorpio, Chiron in Pisces conjunct Mars in Aries and the north node in Cancer.
Collectively, this is showing a time of intense and deep emotional connections with others,
and with the Mars in Aries to give us drive for action. Compassion and a need to heal others
and ourselves is strong. There is a strong sense on the planet of wanting to make this year
count, wanting to make this world a better place for everyone involved, a deep desire to
heal. The north node is pulling the collective towards getting in touch with our emotional
and nurturing natures, while the Moon and Venus in Scorpio are enticing us to dive deep
into our intensities and to be blessed with perspective.

The first of January sees the Sun in Capricorn conjucting Saturn in Capricorn. This affects us
as a collective and allows us to step into a practical and pragmatic energy. Capricorn is the
3 rd of the Earth signs and is a master builder of reality. This is why Capricorns make great
carpenters and bosses! A lot of people don’t care too much for the “new year, new me”
attitude and I get it! It can get written off with the consumerism of Christmas but I’m telling
you from an astrological point of view, don’t make that mistake. Take advantage of this boss
energy that is available to you. Sun is offering you energy to start creating and making things happen for the new year and with Sun conjunct Saturn, this energy is karmic. The Sun and Saturn are kicking off a new cycle together and you want to set this off right or you will make things harder for yourself over the next year. This new year is the time to start putting things into action and with Jupiter at home in Sagittarius, the planet of expansion in the sign of expansion, it's time to start making moves.

Uranus in Aries will be trining Mercury in Sagittarius. This is fire and freedom fighting on the
mind. This is innovation and expansion and may be a time when great inspiration and
eagerness to get new projects rolling, really flows perhaps with some force! Mars moves
back into its home sign Aries on the first of January. There is so much fire here that if the
mind is not channelled onto something productive and expansive, this could also be a time
where aggression and anger can surface, needing to break free from constraints.

On the 6th of January there will be a New Moon in Capricorn at 15°25' at precisely 12.24pm Melbourne time. This New Moon will be occurring with a total of five planets in Capricorn; Sun, Moon, Pluto, Saturn and Mercury. A New Moon is the beginning of a new cycle and is time to plant seeds. Capricorn is about ambition, write things down! The secret behind great manifestation is to write it, draw it, see it and feel it. As we have many planets in Capricorn at the New Moon, Capricorn, with its ruling planet Saturn, can tend to be cold. We are reminded of this as the New Moon is in a wide orb opposition to the North Node in Cancer. North Node in Cancer is reminding us to remember to balance all of this ambition with tenderness. Stay in touch with your sensitivity and don’t get lost in the process of hard

Within 24 hours, after the New Moon has occurred, is the best time to set some intentions
for the new cycle. If it suits you, some small ceremony is a beautiful way to consecrate your
intentions to the universe. To find out what area of life this New Moon will affect you
personally, look for what house 15°25' Capricorn falls in your chart. This gives you insight into what area of your life is specifically beginning a new cycle and will give you a direction to focus some of this ambitious energy.


The Sun, Mercury, Pluto and Saturn will be conjunct and in a stellium within Capricorn for
most of the month, until the Sun shifts into Aquarius on the 20th of January at 9.59am. The
energy of these planets will still be concentrated together but the Sun shifting into Aquarius
will allow us to look up from what we are doing and reconnect to the bigger picture.

The Full Moon in Leo at 00°52' will occur on the 21st at 4.16pm Melbourne time (or 16:16 for all the number lovers!) To find out specifically what area of your life will be affected by this Full Moon, look for what house in which 00°52' Leo falls. This is the 3 rd of 6 critical degree Full Moons in a row, which are marking massive new cycles that are more significant than your regular Full Moons. Leading up to a Leo Full Moon we need to reflect on ourselves and check in to see if we have been too proud, pushy, self-centered or egotistical. Have you been expressing yourself creatively and have you been showing yourself enough self-love? Check in with the ego. Leo Full Moon is bright and fabulous and while the Sun will still be in a stellium with Capricorn planets, Saturn, Pluto and Mercury, the Moon herself will be conjunct the North Node in Cancer. Good ol’ North Node in Cancer, again involved in the polar energies of the Full Moon, encouraging us to remain humble, tender and connected with creativity, while still moving ahead like a rock star into the new year. If the ego goes unchecked this could lead to emotional outbursts due to a bruised ego. Awareness is power!

Full Moon is the perfect time to perform forgiveness ceremony or ritual. Depending on what
suits you, this may be as simple as taking time to visualise the people you feel uneasy with
and sending them forgiveness and light. Send them a blessing and observe how this simple
gesture allows layers of pain, resentment, anger and hurt to melt away. “Anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” Let it go, or at least put the
intention to let it go out into the universe. Sometimes, these things take time.

Working hard and remaining tender will be some of the key lessons for January 2019. The
planets are setting themselves up beautifully, kicking us off onto what looks like a massive
year. It’s important to note that, the planets offer us potential, but it is up to us as
individuals to put the work and energy in, to move towards our goals.


I hope that the holidays have treated you well, offered quality time with loved ones, some
time to recharge and plenty of good food.


Big Love!

Alaine Simone


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