Full Moon in Cancer: Ritual & Astrological Guide

December 22, 2018



I always like to perform my rituals at my altar. If you have an altar you can do the same, if you don't you can set up a make shift one. Some crystals and any other items that hold power & importance to you are all you need. 


In this ritual we will be letting go of the year that has passed and calling in what we want for next year. 


What you need: 



A Crystal (of your choosing, if you don't have a crystal you can choose another object that is sacred to you) 

Smudging Tools (White Sage, Palo Santo etc) 



2 x Candles 

Bowl of Water



Light the candles on either side of the water bowl and set your intention to create a sacred space. Burn the sage, cleanse the space and your body. 


On your piece of paper write the following:


- What do you want to release & let go from the year?


- What is a limiting belief that no longer serves you?


Eg. "I let go of my limiting beliefs around financial abundance."


Take your time with this and really feel into what you are letting go. Put all of this energy into the paper and then burn it. Feel it move through you and be released. 



Now, feel into what you are wanting to bring into the new year.


You might like to ask yourself:


- What sort of life do I want to create for myself?


- What does my life look like now that I have let go of previously stated limiting beliefs?


- What do I want more of in my life?


- What is something new I want to try/create?


- What qualities do I want to focus on in 2019?


Again, take your time and really think, feel & explore these questions within yourself. Once this is clear and you have a few affirming statements about what you are calling in, place the crystal in the water bowl.


Swirling your finger around in the water, clock wise, calling in what you want. Keep swirling the water and infusing it with your statements until you feel the water is charged up with these positive affirmations. 


Dip a finger in the water, touch it to your Third Eye Chakra. "I bring these visions into creation with clarity" 


Dip your finger again and touch your Heart Chakra. "I am open to receiving these affirmations" 


Dip your finger again and touch your Root Chakra. "I choose to take action towards these goals" 


"I give thanks for these blessings. So it is spoken, so it is done."


The ritual is now complete, blow out the candles. You can take the crystal out of the bowl and keep it on your bedside table or hold it when you feel you would like to connect with these intentions again. Keeping it somewhere you can see it will help connect to the energy you have put into it. 


Astrological Guide


As we move closer to Christmas, the Moon is moving back towards her home sign of Cancer. This water Moon is urging us to spend time at home and with loved ones and those who feel most like family to us. Have you been spending enough time with family? Have you been making time to recharge at home, during the silly season?


In the month leading up to the Full Moon in Cancer we can tend to feel sulky, moody, needy, insecure and dependent. These can be signs telling you that you haven't been spending enough time recharging at home. You need to look for the balance between achieving goals and getting quality time at home.


This is a particularly watery Full Moon, as at the time the Moon comes to the peak of her cycle, Mars and Chiron are conjunct along side Neptune, in the water sign of Pisces. For sensitive people this is a time when downloads of information may stream in. With this placement we have more energy and drive towards our spiritual practices. This can be different and unique for us all and may include Yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, prayer etc. If spiritual practice is not something that you incorporate into your life currently, inspiration to explore something new may come to you now.


Neptune is the planet related to compassion, devotion and caring for others less fortunate. Coming up to Christmas, spare a thought to those less fortunate. It is easy for us to get caught up in all of the Christmas functions and expectations around gift giving. If you are lucky enough to be reading this email on a smart phone then you are one of the wealthier people in the world. I believe the most valuable thing we can give someone is our time. If money for gift giving is not so available for you this Christmas, taking the time to sit and write someone a heart felt card is a beautiful option.


At the time of the Full Moon, Jupiter, Mercury and the fixed star, Antares are conjunct at 9 degrees Sagittarius. This is igniting big ideas, inspiration and philosophical perspective. As Mercury is squared by Neptune at this time, this is allowing us to tap into our higher minds, drawing on inspiration and imagination.


As we draw nearer to the Cancer Full Moon, emotions and feelings come to a head. Secrets may be pushed to the surface as we can no longer contain our emotions - its time for expression. With the North Node sitting in Cancer also, collectively we are really encouraged to get in touch with our emotions. Tune into the more tender and nurturing aspects of ourselves.


The Capricorn Solstice will reach its peak on the 22/12 at 12.22pm Melbourne time. This marks the point of days no longer getting longer in the southern hemisphere, but now beginning to get shorter. Vice-versa in the northern hemisphere. These are considered sacred times for traditional people around the globe. The magnetic field around the world drops and the veil between realities becomes thinner than usual. This is a time to meditate and connect to source, sensitive people will be receiving many downloads around this time.


Coming to the peak of her cycle within the first degree, this is the second of a series of 5 Full Moons at critical degrees. A critical degree meaning either at 0 or 29 degrees of a sign. 2018 is coming to a close, a year of much internal work, with so many planets retrograde and Jupiter moving through Scorpio. With all of the necessary inner work that was processed this year, 2019 is set to be a huge year of expansion and accomplishment for us all, as long as we are prepared to put in the work for it!


The Full Moon in the sign of Cancer will affect us collectively in the general terms stated above. For a more precise understanding about what area of life this will affect, you will want to look at your natal chart and find what house 00°49' Cancer falls.









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