Connect With Your Cycle & Energy Flow: How To Create A Menstrual Wheel

October 19, 2018


A beautiful way to connect and keep track of what is going on for you during each monthly cycle is to create a menstrual wheel. What is a menstrual wheel you might ask? A menstrual wheel is a circular chart, broken into four quadrants that represent the four stages of your cycle. Each stage has an archetypal energy, season and element. I have chosen the archetypes which I connect to the most but you can personalise them according to what you resonate with.


Here we go!





Phase 1 (Day 1-7):


The Menstruation Stage. Yep you’re bleeding!


During this phase it is best to spend some time alone with yourself. Taking it slow, connecting with the body and meditating.


The reason for this is that because when a woman is menstruating she is at her intuitive peak. It is at this phase of the cycle we will receive intuitions and guidance around personal or business growth. It is a time for reflection and paying attention to your dreams. (Sometimes I keep a dream journal for this period of time).


Key Words:

  • Reflective

  • Intuitive

  • Vivid dreams

  • Business ideas

  • Personal growth


Archetypal Energy: Priestess

Season: Winter

Food To Eat: Grounding Foods

Element: Air





Phase 2 (Day7-14):


The Follicular Stage


During this phase your energy is coming back to you. You can start to get creative and research the intuitions that came through during your menstruation. Things are slowly blossoming as you feel fresh, mentally alert and outgoing.



Key Words:

  • Creativity

  • Beauty

  • Research

  • New beginnings


Archetypal Energy: Maiden

Season: Spring

Food To Eat: Light Foods

Element: Water





Phase 3 (Day 14-21):


The Ovulation Stage. Look out! Goddess coming through.


During this phase your energy is at its peak and you are on fire! It is a great time for social gatherings, birthing new ideas into the world and attracting a partner. Your energy is magnetic and important conversations may arise at this time.


Key Words:

  • High libido

  • Magnetic

  • Important conversations

  • Attract partner

  • Outgoing

  • Actioning of projects/ideas


Archetypal Energy: Erotic Mother

Season: Summer

Food To Eat: Grains, Salads & Juice Fasting

Element: Earth





Phase 4 (Day 21-28)


The Luteal Stage


During this phase your energy is slowing down, getting ready for menstruation. It is a time for surrendering and releasing in preparation for the beginning of a new cycle. Emotions run high, let them move through you to be released. Sometimes I do a ritual of all the things I am letting go of, simply by writing them down and then burning the paper. It is a great time of the month for bathing and being in water.


Key Words:

  • Clarity

  • Emotional

  • Death and Rebirth

  • Surrender and Release

  • Highly Intuitive


Archetypal Energy: Wild Woman/Kali

Season: Autumn

Food To Eat: Watery foods

Element: Fire



Okay, so! Now that we have each quadrant explained. Onto the fun part, making the wheel!


What you need:


1 x white board

1 x white board marker

1 x permanent marker

1 x large plate



  1. Place plate on the whiteboard and trace around the outside with permanent marker

  2. Divide circle into quadrants







3. Add all the information you would like to about each quadrant to the chart (see mine bellow) 




You’re ready to go! During each phase you can add information, intuitions, notes and ideas.




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