Shakti Wands have many uses for the body. They can create powerful healing, manifestation, meditation and pleasure (for men and women). Be it for the Yoni or when used on pressure points during massage, these wands are excellent tools. When the wand is used for sexual encounters the energies are stored in the wand. Sexual energy is life force energy so by storing these energies you are able to harness them later.

Before using your wand just set your intention and you are on your way!

The Slim Dune Wand

  • Red Jasper - Nurturing


    Jasper has the energy of a big loving hug. It assists in unfolding calm change that is gradual and easy for one to adapt too. Life rolls along at a rate that is suited to the self with Jasper. She gives us the freedom to choose new ideas that lead life in new directions. This stone brings stability and focus to those who need it.  


    Spiritual and Other Aspects - Jasper is known as the most nurturing of the minerals on earth. Dreams that are important to life are remembered. Grounds Astral Travel. This stones sustaining ways are useful after hospitalization disease and/or simply when energy levels are low.

    Possible Physical - Circulatory system and Digestive system deterioration. Can help balance the body's minerals content.

    Animal Totem - Buffalo

    Essential Oil - Cedarwood

    Length: 170mm

    Width: 25mm (thickest point)

    We recommend starting your practice with a sensual massage to warm the body up, you can find our heart opening breast massage oil here

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