If you're a fan of dabbling in all things larger than life, the Kuro Curve Wand is for you. Curved in all the right places to keep you on the path to pleasure! The best thing about this wand is you can use it both ways, use the bulb end to either massage the G- spot or as a handle to hold onto.


Shakti Wands have many uses for the body. They can create powerful healing, manifestation, meditation and pleasure (for men and women). Be it for the Yoni or when used on pressure points during massage, these wands are excellent tools. When the wand is used for sexual encounters the energies are stored in the wand. Sexual energy is life force energy so by storing these energies you are able to harness them later.

Before using your wand just set your intention and you are on your way!

The Kuro Curve Wand

  • Black Obsidian - True Self Reflection


    Obsidian gives us vision of the true self by opening the pathway for needed positive change. It promotes honesty with self, which leads to true self-love and satisfaction without ego. This special stone helps one to nurture the self and to accept change whilst actioning it. 


    Spiritual and Other Aspects - Dispels negativity due to its shielding effect on the emotional and physical bodies. It has long been used in shamanic ceremonies to transmute energies. Obsidian can allow the surfacing and transmutation of hidden disease into light as well as hidden parts of self. A stone that aids in deep journey within oneself; these journeys often conjuring powerful visions of available pathways and giving insight into future events. Activates the earth star chakra. Work with this stone is often a rough road but eventually it leads to a potent self-aware state that is loving content and at peace.

    Possible Physical - Immunity system weakness. Viral and Bacterial inflammations. Digestive troubles. Muscle weakness. Painful Arthritis. Shock.

    Animal Totem - Jackal

    Essential Oil -Benzoin



    What you get:

    - Crystal Wand
    - Instructions on how to care for/use your wand
    - Continued support during the use of your products


    Length: 220mm

    Width - 

    Largest Point: 40mm

    Neck: 30mm



    We recommend starting your practice with a sensual massage to warm the body up, you can find our heart opening breast massage oil here

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