Temple of the Womb with Nadine Lee 




Are you ready to embody your greatest potential as a woman? 


Awaken your Creativity

Liberate your Sexuality &

Live in Embodied Feminine Flow...


You are invited on a journey into the feminine realm of the Womb, as a portal to self love & a life of authenticity, creativity & radiance!! 


The Temple of the Womb is more than an online course, it is a sacred portal reviving ancient wisdom for the modern woman, that provides a safe space for women to explore & awaken their Sacred Sexuality & Womb Power. It is a legacy. It is an initiation into your birthright as a woman. As an empowered human. As a vessel of creativity and love.


You have a powerful force that dwells in your womb & heart ready to birth what you came here to create, and rebirth into who you truly are. 


Why the Womb?


The womb is the gateway to all creation. It is your portal to your power, passion & purpose. The Womb births human life, as well as holding the energetic power to birth all our creative projects. In Tantric tradition, the Womb / Yoni is the gateway to the feminine heart. Unfortunately so many women are disconnected from their Womb power & the womb is used a psychic dumping ground for unresolved trauma and suppressed emotions. If a woman is disconnected from her Womb, this affects how she interacts with the world, from what she is here born to create, to how she navigates her emotions, to how she chooses to live her life, and even how she navigates relating and intimacy.




You ALIGN your cycle to the natural rhythms of the earth

Slow down and reconnect to the FEMININE feeling centre

You ignite your CREATIVE potential

You accelerate the receiving flow of true ABUNDANCE

Have the courage to begin following your PASSIONS & living life in alignment with your deepest soul DESIRES

You will HEAL any unconscious anger betrayal or mistrust of the masculine

You will HEAL traumas stored in the Yoni - Womb

Become more MAGNETIC to your heart/wombs deepest desires

OPEN to the gateways of DEEP pleasure & begin to make LOVE with LIFE itself.

FLOW with life more & start sharing you unique gifts & live your PASSION.


Temple Of The Womb


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