This beautiful lilac stone is such an enchanting specimen. It is a one off piece and the pictures honestly don't do it justice.


Lepidolite fosters unification of thoughts and feelings healing all that is in the way allowing oneness in identity through true feeling. It helps one to be focused and independent with drive to reach goals. Our true self is able to brough forth. Lepidolite also helps with speed in decision making.


Spiritual and Other Aspects - Has a powerful presence of the silver Ray with in it which delivers healing balance and embrace of cyclic oneness. This stone blends the heart with the mind in absolute integrity. Key note stone for Schizophrenic tendencies. Blocks electromagnetic radiation. Can remove past life blocks and carries higher awareness into the body. Deep emotional Healer that links the pure feminine to the highest aspects of spirit.


Can help with - Insomnia Depression obsessive thought and stress. Mood swings and Bipolar disorders. Allergies Epilepsy and Alzheimer's. Menopausal symptom relief. Liquid skin tonic.

Raw Lepidolite

  • Size (approx):

    9cm x 6cm x 5cm

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yoni egg, yoni wand, crystal dildo, menstrual cup

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