Tourmaline aids in the deactivation of negative self directed outputs through realization of true thoughts. Ability to focus and receive desires. High level trust of self backs up actions allowing freeing of attachments and powerful sense of security.


Spiritual and Other Aspects - Black Tourmaline is the most protective stone available to us here on earth it has a shielding effect on negative dense or heavy energies. The shielding effect of this stone occurs by way of the massive quantity of light within it that same light allows Black Tourmaline to protect us even from our own negative outputs by awareness. Gives a sense of safety and security as it shines light on and into the darkest places. Activates the base chakra anchoring spirit there. Balances the inner and outer perceptions of the world. Can activate the Kundalini energy. 


Simple Purpose - Protection 

Raw Black Tourmaline

  • Size (approx): 


    80mm x 50mm x 55mm

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