This 'S' shaped wand is perfect for those women who are wanting to work with the Cervix, who are beginning their de-armouring or Myofascial release practice. The particular design also addresses pelvic pain, discomfort and sexual pain for men and women.

De-armouring is a process in which one can release sexual blockages, transform pain and get rid of numbness. By doing this we allow ourselves to re-connect to our sexual and pleasure potentials. Similar to a deep tissue massage, de-armouring is a process of applying pressure to places of contraction and tightness inside the vaginal canal for the purpose of releasing physical, spiritual and emotional blockages. Using this method allows pressure spots to be released, toxins to be broken down and for the blood flow to increase in the sexual tissues, so that emotional, physical, and psychological healing can take place.

Obsidian Thera Wand

  • The gentle curves and tapered end empowers you to control the exact amount and location of pressure applied. The design allows for easy insertion whether vaginally or rectally for pelvic therapy and prostate massage. Both ends can be used internally with the pointed end being more direct for pressure point release. 


    We recommend starting your practice with a sensual massage to warm the body up, you can find our heart opening breast massage oil here


    Crafted from Black Obsidian 

    Length: 200mm

    Width: 24mm


  • "1)Get comfy. Lie down on your bed/couch with pillows supporting your back and your knees bent, or in a bath of warm water if you prefer.


    2) Apply some lubricant. This can really help with desensitising your vaginal walls as well, which can become really sore when you are experiencing pelvic pain. I like the oil Based lubricant


    3) Place the smooth end of the wand into your Vagina up to the first curve, which is about 10cm. Think of your pelvic floor as a clock, where the clitoris is at 12 o’clock and the back passage is at 6 o’clock. Aim for 5 o’clock or 7 o’clock, which will mean that the handle of the wand is in line with your opposite leg.


    4) Pull in your back passage as if to stop from breaking wind – this activates your pelvic floor muscles and you should feel a slight lift through your wand. Now apply a gentle but firm pressure downwards as you try to relax your pelvic floor. Use the wand to guide the muscles downwards and give them a bit of a stretch. Repeat this 5 or 6 times then head to the other side at the back (5 or 7 o’clock) but remember that you need to pull the wand out before you turn it round as your back passage is in the middle and we don’t want to poke it.


    5) After releasing both sides you should feel more relaxed in the middle. Now check how well the muscles have “learnt” how to release by resting the wand on one side whilst you pull in and then relax your back passage. You should feel the wand move downwards again. If not then spend some more time releasing the muscle and practising relaxing til you’ve got it." - Jilly Bond



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