Indulge in a relaxing bath based on the lunar cycles. Rejuvenate and align with the cycle of your body and the moon by using our hand crafted bath salts. Made with the highest quality ingredients, Liquid Crystals and love.

Moon Cycle Bath Soaks SALE

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  • 4 stages to choose from (700 grams each):

    Full Moon: 

    This one packs a punch, full of cinnamon spice and everything nice! A mix of our very own thieves oil blend, Epsom salts, Azurite (simple purpose is focus), cinnamon bark, cloves and rosemary. 

    The full moon is a time of completion or the full expression of an idea. Everything is to be revealed and fulfilled. It is a time of harvest, abundance and sexuality. 

    Dark Moon:

    Full of moody deep undertones this little blend will help you relax into the emotional waters of the mind. It contains lavender, black pepper and cedarwood essential oils, Epsom and Celtic sea salts, Jasper (Simple purpose is nurturing) dried lavender, pepper corns and corn flowers. 

    A time for rest, peace and deep wisdom. Allowing the self to hibernate and bring ones awareness to the internal. 

    New Moon:

    This uplifting blend is peachy keen to be part of your bath routine! Full of lovely light delicious ingredients that will make your bath time all the more enjoyable. Peach calcite to harmonize the body; Rose geranium essential oil, rose and hibiscus petals, Epsom salt, Himalayan and Celtic salt. 

    New Moon symbolizes new beginnings, birth, optimism, hope and faith. 

    Moonstrual Cycle:

    A blend to lift the spirits and rejuvenate the body. Calm those cramps and give your womb a bit of love with our salts made specifically for your sacred flow. A blend of patchouli and other oils to help hormone levels. Lashings of Epsom Salts, Himalayan and Celtic salts mixed with bicarb to soften the skin. Dried calendula and chamomile herbs for a splash of colour; and last but not least Malachite (simple purpose clearing) and Lodestone (simple purpose earth embrace) to help clear and calm cramps.

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