Menstrual Sponges are used in a similar way you would use a tampon. A string can be threaded through the base if you wish to create a 'tail' for easy removal. 


Using a sponge is not only great for the environment but it also allows us to re-connect with ourselves and Mother Earth. Like the wise women before us we can use this method to not only connect with ourselves but also the moon, the tides and the rhythm of the body.


Many women who use sponges offer their blood back to the earth as a healing and empowering experience (our flow is full of minerals your garden will love).


5% of all sales on this item will be donated to the Melbourne Period Project. 

Lunar Sponges

  • Each sponge usually last 3-7 cycles. Think about it, no tampons or pads ever again! In a life time we can spend up to $3,300 on sanitary products, sometimes even more if you are buying organic or ion products. All these disposable products are then treated like toxic waste and end up in land fill. A menstrual sponge allows you to be environmentally friendly as well as looking after your body and wallet. 

    Unfortunately these days most sanitary products been bleached and processed making it easy for your body to absorb once inside or against you. Cotton products have also been known to leave fibres on the cervix which can mess with the natural balance of your bacteria. The La Loba menstrual sponge is straight from the ocean (we sterilise them of course) and contains no dyes, BPA, toxins or bleaches, keeping your vagina and body happy!

    What you get: 

    - Two sponges that have been sustainably hand harvested
    - An organic muslin bag to protect your sponges
    - A guide on how to use and clean your sponges


    Small - 2 Inches

    Medium - 2.5 Inches

    Large - 3 Inches

    Not sure on a sponge? Check out our menstrual cups

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