A 14 day journey through the chakras to an embodied and deeper level of self love with Alphamama


It is very difficult to progress in any area of your life if at a basic level, you struggle to love yourself.  


It is very difficult to have healthy relationships with others when your own relationship with yourself is broken.  


By making the decision to love yourself, you are not just healing yourself, you are setting the example to everyone else in your life. Teaching them how to love you better. And how to love themselves better.  


This is a beautiful thing to gift not only yourself, but the whole world.  


Because it’s easier to imagine a world without war when it’s full of people who are at peace within themselves.


Self love is a form of activism. A powerful reclamation of personal power and responsibility.


Love yourself first and let it ripple out to your children and their children.  


Let’s leave LOVE as our Legacy.





  • Body shame
  • insecurities in your relationship
  • Loneliness and feeling isolated
  • Lack of self worth or self belief
  • ‘Nobody loves/wants me’ stories



Goddess Level Self Love

  • What is self love?  


    Is it candlelit baths and rose scented incense?  


    Is it crystal dildos and orgasms?  


    Is it body positivity and armpit hair?  


    There is so much hype around SELF LOVE right now. It’s all over the gram in selfies and hashtags. But how do we actually cultivate a genuine loving relationship with ourselves on all the levels?  


    This 14 Day program I’ve created is a holistic journey through the chakras. To actually manifest the full embodiment of Self Love and then let it fly free.  


    It’s designed so that you learn how to love yourself in all the ways and in all your expressions.  


    The Goddess you and The Human you.  


    Not just through thinking positive and saying “I love myself” over and over again.  


    This self love program is a combination of intention, presence, process, commitment and ritual.  


    And it gets results.


    You will complete the program with a deeper understanding and a more loving relationship with yourself.  



    • The course will be delivered to your inbox as a 14 day series of exercises, explained in a video and PDF


    • Travelling up and down through the chakras, each day is themed around a different energy centre to manifest love across all areas of your being


    • You have the opportunity to purchase an additional one-on-one Self Love session with Alpha. In this session she will guide you through a powerful process to clear any unconscious mental patterns, emotional trauma and other core wounding.


    • You will be welcomed into Alpha's online FB group, Church of The Goddess once you sign up. Here you'll find a community of people who are on a similar journey. You can share any wins, challenges or ask any questions here.


    • At the end of the 14 days, you will receive a download of the program as an e-book for you to come back to at any time.

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