Ground and slow down with these beautifully hand crafted ceramic dildos that have been all naturally produced by hand from the earth.  The great thing about clay is that it is completely sustainable and once it’s finished its life with you it will breakdown and go back to being a part of the earth, no waste, no chemicals. 


Ceramic Dildos

  • Every piece is completely body safe, and non-porous (even the unglazed base) no moisture is able to penetrate the clay as it has been vitrified by the firing process.

    ‘Grounding’ spiritual sensation, compared/contrasted with the energetic properties of different crystals.

    The actual process of creating is very therapeutic, requiring mindfulness, patience and humbleness

    These pieces offer people a chance to slow down, connect more deeply with their bodies and lovers.

    Significant reduction in environmental impact compared to mainstream products on the market.


    Cleaning & Use:

    Our pieces are perfectly safe to use with any lubricant or no lubricant-whatever you like!

    You can clean with any soap or even pop in in the dishwasher 

    Our pieces are compatible with most strap on harnesses



    Blue Black: 145mm x 38mm

    Green: 160mm x 35mm

    Baby Blue: 160mm x 30mm

    Royal Blue: 170mm x 35mm

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yoni egg, yoni wand, crystal dildo, menstrual cup

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