Alchemical Pendants hand made with love. All pendants are crafted from sterling silver .925

Model wears the Water Pendant

Alchemy Pendants

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  • Earth Element:

    Rules over sensual human aspects and connects us with the root and sacral chakra. It is a good Element to choose for spells of abundance or fertility. Earth is considered dry and solid, it builds a firm foundations and keeps one grounded. It links in with the zodiac signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn but can be worn by anyone. Earth invokes the qualities of receptivity, nurture, strength, endurance, wisdom, patience and humility. Physically earth is responsible for excretory organs, the skeletal system, sense of touch, thyroid, stomach/spleen and gall bladder. 

    Water Element:

    Water magic is useful for divination and dreamwork. It represents the power to conserve, concentrate and conceive. This element is often associated with our subconscious, emotions and intuition. Water is needed for our physical survival as humans and is used to cleanse and revivify the body and soul. According to the zodiac it resonates with the energies of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. In the body the element of water influences the kidney meridian, the brain, spinal cord, bones, teeth, hair, inner ear, anus, urethra, ovaries and testes. It's bodily fluids are spinal fluid and sexual secretions.

    All pendants are stirling silver.

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