Rose Quartz


Simple Purpose: Forgiveness


This gorgeous light pink stone promotes self-forgiveness and the forgiveness of others. This forgiveness allows inner peace and freedom from the past. Life slows down and joy is found. An innate love for self is born through the use of this stone. Stress, tension and stored emotions melt to peace. Rose Quartz is a great tool for those who have experienced any trauma around sex and their sexuality.



Clear Quartz


Simple Purpose: Light Embodied


Clear Quartz is excellent for those who wish to work with numbness and alignment. It promotes the amplification and alignment of thoughts and feelings that are resolved though clarity and action. It possesses qualities of clearing and purification. Being from the Quartz family it helps with self-acceptance and the ability to find peace in self. It brings awareness of own creations and origins of illnesses. A great stone for balance.




Black Obsidian


Simple Purpose: True Self Reflection


Obsidian is a powerful stone that many use to work through the shadow aspects of self. It allows vision of the true self, in turn opening the pathway for needed positive change. It promotes honesty with self, which, leads to true self-love and satisfaction without ego. It encourages us to nurture the self and to take change on with action.






Simple Purpose: Humility


Ranging from a deep purple to a light mauve amethyst is one of the most beautiful stones. It helps the mind embrace the spiritual and offers self-esteem and integration into chosen areas of life. It brings a calm self-awareness, peace and security.  It is used to enter a meditative state as well as surrendering of the mind to the highest part of self.






Simple Purpose: Free Will


This stone helps to order intellectual thought and blend it with intuitive wisdom. Helps one to realise the truth behind thoughts and actions. Wisdom of ones spiritual purpose may become apparent whilst using this stone. It promotes imaginative and original thought. Has been known to help with Metabolic and Hormonal imbalance as well as menstrual tension.






Simple Purpose: Dream Work


Jade helps us to detach from emotions and find space to assess them then act accordingly. She calls forth the remembering and embracing of the dream state, which heals and releases suppressed emotions. Self-confidence leads to Self-sufficiency when working with Jade. This gorgeous green stone offers limitless and directed in ambition.


The Key stone of the dream state and the mastery of working on that level. Entering this stones frequency one may experience the ancient Jade mask and walk through the doorway behind which the powerful elders of the Mayan Culture wait. This is a stone of wisdom that helps align life to that which is important.



Jasper & Unakite


Simple Purpose: Nurturing


Jasper is known as the most Nurturing of the minerals on earth.  It unfurls calm change that is gradual and easy. Life rolls along at a rate that is suited to the self with freedom to choose new ideas that lead life in new directions. It allows for stability and focus. This stone is useful after hospitalisation, disease and/or when energy levels are low.




Simple Purpose: Creativity


Carnelian promotes optimism and individualism with a firm grip on Creativity and Personal Power. It increases curiosity and activeness with increased physical energy. Helps one to focus and form realistic goals as well as allowing freedom of sexual expression.






Simple Purpose: Purification


This green and red stone fosters renewal and revitalisation in all aspects of life. Promotes emotional purity and honesty. Allows one to be honourable, truthful and full of integrity. Detoxifies and purifies the blood, good for excessive blood clotting during menstruation.






Simple Purpose: Mother Goddess


Moonstone soothes and heals emotions allowing freedom from living life in a constant emotional state. This beautiful stone helps one to embrace the cyclic aspect of the feminine. She lets us surrender and be happy without attachment. Moonstone also allows us to take control of emotions, cry and release as needed. A great stone for pregnancy, fertility and hormonal imbalances.





Simple Purpose: Mental Mastery


Fluorite helps organisation mentally and in the surrounding world. It brings commitment to ideas and helps one to follow through with action. Cultivation and trust in mental ability. Mind integrates nonphysical aspects of life and Spirit.






Simple Purpose: Breathe

Free to choose and remain an Individual. Choose action over reaction. Empowered. Disciplined. Awareness of personal power. A very cooling stone, good for inflammation and menopause (hot flushes).





Simple Purpose: New Vision


Sodalite promotes movement from emotional to rational thinking, creating freedom from attachment and ownership of the sub-conscious. It helps with truthful expression and ability to speak about emotions/feelings. Focused new mental patterns create life changes and goals. Aspects of life become more spiritual.






Simple Purpose: Patience


This lovely pink stone brings patience, endurance and understanding. It helps us to finds love in formally mundane daily events. Love and peace coexist when power is balanced within. Rhodonite allows acceptance of change. A great stone for women working through infertility.






Simple Purpose: The Unlimited Self


Helps one to recognise the unlimited potential of self. It is soothing to the emotional and connects to the heart space. It allows freedom from buried childhood fears. Aventurine connects us with the adventure of Life. This stone asks us to be bold and brave.




Tiger Eye


Simple Purpose: Personal Power


Easily adapt and create change in life with conscious direction of personal power into action. One becomes self-reliant, grounded and optimistic. Scattered thought is forced into order. Life moves forward in a positive manner. Tiger Eye can also be used for reproductive disorders.






Simple Purpose: Spiritual Warrior


A passion for living, experiencing and creating is activated in self. This passion is coupled with a positive courage of the mind and emotions. Ruby can awaken any aspect of self from sexuality to basic living. This fiery red/pink stone leaves us feeling energised. Helps to drive us toward and set realistic goals. Promotes courage in gentleness.





Simple Purpose: Emotional Magnification


Brings conscious awareness of intent behind emotions thus allowing responsibility for feelings. Feelings result in direct action. Respect for the emotions of others. Promotes independence and freedom through emotional expression. Activates the imaginative part of self. Opal is also an excellent stone for childbirth and reproductive disorders.






Simple Purpose: Self-Love


Helps to shift the feeling of aloneness and that one is unloved/not good enough.

Releases deep pain and hurt whilst bringing new self-love and belief that is empowered though forgiveness. Selflessness and compassion develop. Embraces love life processes and accepts change.






Simple Purpose: Spiritual Beginning


Calm peaceful and still. Self-reflection allows strong mental and emotional base to build upon and move forward via the cutting of attachments. Peaceful and Patient.


Simple Purpose: Knowing

Brings the knowledge that peace, joy and love are always available. Helps one to trust in the self, which leads to attunement to the spiritual mind and the profound peace found there. Celestite is a very calming stone.


Simple Purpose: Letting go

It promotes a healed and free mind allowing rebuilding and embrace of new mental patterns. Allows one to let go of what is no longer serving them. Brings calmness and centredness. Connects to the solar plexus due to its yellow colouring, bringer of joy.


Simple Purpose: The Middle Road

Walks the middle road holding creative power.Freedom of expression into manifestation. Pacified. Understands the place of power in Love. Self love for achievements allows movement forward in Life.



Simple Purpose: Spiritual Guidance

Selenite helps us gain the clearest state of mind attainable. We are free to embrace the advanced concepts of spirit and the universe. Emotionally calm and controlled. Love for self is strong. Telepathy may be activated and mastered.

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