Life Purpose Curation

An intuitive session that explores your gifts and passions to streamline them into an entrepreneurial offering. Create clarity around your life purpose and how to create an income off doing what you love.


Location: Zoom (Online)

Investment: $250

Time: 1.5 hours (more than one session recommended)  

Wealth Clear

Make it rain...

Level up on your money game with a wealth clearing session. Tailored to remove emotional blockages around creating wealth as well as increase your wealth resonance. 

Location: Zoom (Online)


Investment: $150

Time: 30 mins - 1 hour 

Manifestation Clear

A seven step clearing process which clears the stored emotions that are stopping you from actualising your goals. 


The blocks are cleared so you are able to bring your goal from the thought realm (crown chakra) to physical reality (root chakra). Basically getting rid of shit you don’t need so you can get what you want. Yes please. 


Location: Zoom (Online)

Investment: $150

Time: 1 hour

Body Love Session

Incorporate more self-love into your life with a body love session. These sessions work on physical or emotional goals you may have around your body. 

Often we sabotage ourselves from doing what is good for our bodies even though we know it will make us feel better and more loving towards ourselves. We want to do kind things but we find it hard to stay motivated. 

The aim of this session is to clear the blocks around what is stopping you from actualising the relationship with your body that you want.


Location: Zoom (Online)

Investment: $150

Time: 1 hour

Reiki Attunements

Connect with Reiki Healing with our Level 1, 2 & Master Attunements. Classes can be in groups or solo. 

Time: 2-3 hours per level


Level 1 - $400

Level 2 - $600

Master - $800


All Reiki classes based in Melbourne, Australia & Zoom (Online)

Not Sure & Have Some Questions?

I understand that choosing someone to work with on a personal level can be a big step. It is important to find the right person and to feel like it is a full YES!

Why not jump on a free consultation call with me and see if we are a fit. 

All questions & parts of you are welcome

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